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Could Elise Stefanik Lose in 2020? 

U.S. Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) listens during a House Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., November 21, 2019. (Andrew Harrer/Reuters)

Yahoo News suggests that Elise Stefanik, the 35-year-old GOP congresswoman who made waves during the impeachment hearings, could lose in 2020: “[H]er decision to go all in for Trump also carries risk for her political future. Stefanik is now facing a genuine electoral challenge from Tedra Cobb, a local politician who also ran against her in 2018.

The Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman, one of the best elections analysts in the country, says Stefanik is not even close to being vulnerable in 2020: 

Given the fact that her seat is secure and the fact that a Republican has no chance of winning statewide office in New York, I asked Stefanik what she sees in her future. She says she’s not interested in serving in House leadership, but she left the door open to serving in the administration: 

Maybe Stefanik could see herself serving in House leadership someday? “No,” Stefanik tells me, “I thrive on focusing on my district, focusing on the substance of my committees. I’m a really active member of the three committees that I sit on: the House Armed Services Committee, Education and Workforce, and Intelligence.”

What about a post in the Trump administration? Would Stefanik serve as secretary of state if Mike Pompeo steps down to run for Senate and President Trump asks her to join his cabinet? She does not say no. “I am focused on my district,” Stefanik replies. “We will see; that’s a lot of hypotheticals. But I’m focused on my district.”

You can read more of what Stefanik had to say in her interview with National Review here.


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