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Could you find it in your heart . . .

or better, in your wallet, to help NRO? I can assure you that NRO relies on the generous assistance of good people such as yourself to underwrite the heavy lifting of articulating conservative principle here on the world wide web. Be assured that as a business, NR / NRO aggressively seeks all legitimate means in income, and we spend frugally. But even though we squeeze every cent out of the dollar, we fall short. It is little consolation that such is the historic fate of opinion journals and websites (at least those not financed by sugar daddies and mommies). But our cause is too important, so we rely on the kindness of strangers, (“strangers” is a bit rough: at NR our subscribers and readers are more on the order of friends) and turn to them — to you — to help maintain our 24/7 efforts.

The bottom line is: Surely you cannot abide even the thought of a world without NRO. Please help us to make it into and through the incredibly vital year of 2009. Donate here.


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