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Coulter Versus Saudi Arabia

A while back the New Republic zinged National Review for running ads for Ann Coulter’s book. I don’t want to get into all that, except I think it was certainly fair comment for a magazine like TNR to make. However, I do think it’s amusing that TNR runs a big juicy ad for Saudi Arabia in its current issue. Admittedly, there’s no indication of corporate endorsement of the Wahhabi State, they don’t say “The Editors of the New Republic Bring You Saudi Arabia” or anything like that. But, then again, whether you are a huge fan of Coulter’s or an implaccable critic, I think I’m on solid ground when I say, “Sirs, I know Ann Coulter. I’ve worked with Ann Coulter. And, my friends, Saudi Arabia is no Ann Coulter.” I mean the New Republic has time and again — rightly — denounced the Saudis for their anti-Semitism, their exportation of terror, their treatment of women, their undermining of democracy in the region, their duplicitous alliance with the United Sates, their role in fomenting al Qaeda etc. And while I find much to disagree with in Ann’s writings from time to time, even her alleged crimes fall far short of Saudi Arabia’s.

Or let me put it another way, when Coulter castrates people, it’s merely rhetorical.


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