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Count Every Vote!

My new column is up at The Hill.  Some Obama supporters would like to shout down anyone who says this, but the fact is that if Hillary Clinton were to win big in Puerto Rico, she might end the Democratic primaries slightly ahead of Barack Obama in the popular vote, and that could be a big problem:

What is at stake is not the nomination — Obama will still win the delegate race unless there is some completely unforeseen mass movement of superdelegates to Clinton.

What is at stake is Obama’s standing as the clear, unquestioned leader of the party.

When the winner is the guy who didn’t get the most popular votes, some people won’t be happy — just ask all those Democrats who sported “Re-Defeat Bush” stickers on their cars in 2004.

Clinton’s presence as the popular-vote winner, even though Obama won the nomination by the rules, would diminish Obama.


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