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A Couple More Cents on Biden

I know I’ve expressed my amazement about Biden — but I just want to put in another word. For weeks and months, reporters wrote about Obama’s vice-presidential list. It had many people on it. And among those people were Joe Biden and Chris Dodd. And I always thought, “That’s not real — that’s just lip-service to former candidates. Former candidates and party elders. That’s just a courtesy.”

And blow me down: Obama goes ahead and picks Biden.

I swear, when Biden flashes those choppers and gets that look on his face — “Well, lemme tell you, pal!” — I want to toss.

And do you remember his nauseating “shove it down his throat” performance?

Some readers have asked me, “Okay, who do you think the best pick for Obama would have been?” I think he had many good options. I might have gone with Gov. Ed Rendell, who, unfortunately, is a fabulous politician (he beat the great Lynn Swann, among others) and is very likable and reasonable-seeming. He is not a Left ideologue. He is not a college Marxist. He’s a good Democratic Joe, and talented.

One more thing about him: He doesn’t seem to be a hater. This is what I said about Joe Lieberman back in 2000. You just knew that Gore hated you (if you were a conservative or Republican or had the tiniest doubt about extreme environmentalism). And you knew that Kerry hated you. I don’t find that about Rendell.

Same with Tony Blair, as I’ve long said. One of his strengths as a politician is — he doesn’t hate you, even if you’re on the other side. Hate does not seem to reside in him. But Barack, Michelle, Hillary, Biden, Dodd — I’ve dealt with that type all my life. These people are a dime a dozen in Ann Arbor. You virtually trip over them when you get up to go to the bathroom.

And they’d rather boil Bob Bork in oil than talk to the man.

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