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A Couple More of Those ‘Egregious Crazies’ at Occupy Wall Street

A couple more videos from the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park. They will inevitably draw the criticism that I am only interviewing the crazies. Again, so be it. This woman was the first person I met yesterday afternoon, when I overheard her loudly shouting the word “Nazi” at passers-by. If they are the notable exception, then I must have quite prodigious luck.

Is everyone involved like this? No. But there is such a solid supply of them that to walk around the site for twenty minutes with a video camera is to meet a steady stream of bizarro-world characters. I’m afraid that the place is attracting a very healthy portion of New York’s oddballs, some more benign than others.

Believe me, were I picking on the crazies at Occupy Wall Street, I would have published a couple of the videos I still have on my camera. For kindness’ sake, however, they will remain where they are.