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A Couple of We-Told-You-So’s

David French noted last week that “The Cost of Radical Police ‘Reform’ Is Blood on Chicago’s Streets,” and yesterday (in hard copy) the Washington Post — yes, the Washington Post — had a story headlined, “Chicago grapples with a staggering rise in homicides amid police shake-up.” Also related to David’s article and the “Ferguson effect”  is another Washington Post article from Monday, headlined, “Police are dying by gunfire at over twice last year’s rate.”

And in the run-up to the Supreme Court’s decision last year on whether “disparate impact” lawsuits may be brought under the Fair Housing Act, some of us warned that, if the Court said yes, then landlords would be pressured to stop excluding tenants based on their criminal records. Well, the Court went the wrong way, and yesterday the New York Times had a story about the Obama administration’s expected “guidance” that will indeed limit the use that landlords make of tenants’ criminal records.


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