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The Institute for American Values has a new blog, Family Scholars, which has been discussing many things, some of them mind-blowingly new —  for instance, this post from an adult who was conceived by donor insemination:

Taboos and the New Voiceless Americans

Just finished watching David Blankenhorn’s 2007 debate with Evan Wolfson on gay marriage. I saw a huge attendance of gays and gay allies in the audience, but not one child of donor conception approached the podium to vocalize their woes. But shouldn’t there be at least a few?…

Gay rights used to be a taboo in America. But while I was living in San Francisco I could hardly get to work some days because the crowd at any number of the gay pride parades or Pride sponsored events completely encumbered road access. Gayness is not a taboo anymore. If it were, there’s no way I’d be broadcasting within this forum that I’ve dated women. But you know what I am afraid to tell people? I’m afraid to tell them that my dad was a sperm donor. . .

Fertility technologies represent a new taboo. And kids like me don’t have a parade, nor a long line of celebrities eager to advocate for us. We don’t have a Lady Gaga on our side. It’s not cool to be one of us — which is one of the reasons we don’t speak up and announce to the world who we are. Our fight is much lonelier and much less colorful.

So, to all my old friends at Tranny Shack, I’m sorry I can’t agree with you on this one. You’re much less vulnerable than you think.


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