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Courageously Holding True

A very generous contribution came in this this weekend to the NR Webathon from A.W., who admits that it’s less than past support, but then explains why, and further explains why there is any support at all for National Review.

We have owned five independent medical offices offering truly great care to over 5,000 patients for 35 years. After the disaster that is Obamacare hit the industry, we were not able to support NR as we usually did.

It was, and still is, brutal “on the ground.”

But reflection during this period taught us to limit our support to only the very few organizations which courageously hold true to conservative principles, without swaying in the political wind.

NR made the cut. We greatly appreciate the intellect, humor, and even respectful disagreement among contributors, and look forward to reading every day. Our adult children are also big fans!

One man’s C Note is another Widow’s Mite. We believe anything and everything that you, our friends, send to NR is selfless and generous, no matter how many zeroes precede the decimal point. To A.W., many thanks for the kindness, especially in the face of your struggle with the Obama Leviathan. To all others who love NR but have yet to pitch in, find some inspiration from the words above.

Or from Rich Lowry’s Mash Note. You can donate here.

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