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Couric Do-Over

An e-mail:

The joint interview was acceptable to me but insufficient.

That really killed me when Katie asked Gov. Palin if she was ready to apologize for her remark.

Besides “Free Sarah Palin” (repeated seemingly hundreds of times already), she needs to follow some basic communications skills. She should:

1.Speak from her position of knowledge (as governor of Alaska)

2.Be comfortable in saying she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know, and why

Sarah has gotten into trouble by trying to be too accommodating to the media. Trying to extend herself beyond her personal knowledge base rather than work from a position of strength.

She is over kicking her coverage (in football phrasing) in trying to earnestly answer questions about Senator McCain’s history of reform in Congress (she is not a Congressional historian) or trying to recall past Supreme Court decisions besides Roe v. Wade (she is not a legal scholar).

And, as Mark comments a few days ago, how about a return volley on the gottcha questions?


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