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Cover Oregon to Hire 400 Temporary Workers to Process Paper Applications

Cover Oregon, the state health-care exchange, is hiring hundreds of temporary workers to process paper applications while its website undergoes repairs.

Ariane Holm, the exchange’s spokeswoman, said yesterday during a public forum in Hillsboro that the exchange intended to hire 400 temporary workers. Michael Cox, another Cover Oregon spokesman, confirmed Holm’s statements today.

Since the exchange launched on October 1, Cover Oregon’s website has failed to enrolled a single person because of technical problems—though Holm said the exchange has 12,000 applications. In fact, the website is still unable to determine eligibility for tax credits. As such, applicants can apply through paper applications downloaded from the website, which they can mail in. They can also submit those applications online—if they’re using Internet Explorer.

Cox said that the hiring would be paid for by the exchange’s emergency backup budget and that it would not cost any extra money.

Via The Oregonian and KOIN.


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