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Cover Oregon Obamacare Exhange Signs Up 0

Oops. The Obamacare exchange in Oregon has not signed up one new insurance customer. From the AP story:

With all the problems facing the rollout of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, nowhere is the situation worse or more surprising than in Oregon, a progressive state that has enthusiastically embraced the federal law but has so far failed to enroll a single person in coverage through the state’s insurance exchange.

Broken website, don’t you know:

Despite grand ambitions, an early start, millions of dollars from the federal government and a tech-savvy population, Oregon’s online enrollment system still isn’t ready more than a month after it was supposed to go live. The state has resorted to hiring or reassigning 400 people to process insurance applications by hand.

Oregon has signed up 70,000 new Medicaid customers. In this regard, it is worth noting that Oregon Medicaid explicitly rations health care and that assisted suicide is an always-covered service.

Indeed, there have been cases of late-stage cancer patients denied life-extending treatment by Oregon Medicaid, but offered payment for assisted suicide.


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