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Coverage Similar To Inadequate

Just as it absolutely wouldn’t if this was a tea-party story, the Washington Post puts the Occupy protests around the White House in the Metro Section this morning. Admittedly the protest was something of a fizzle. Organizers wanted thousands and got hundreds. But at the same time they did manage to shut down the White House for a while because of what the Post describes as “an object similar to a smoke bomb was thrown over the fence.”

About 8 p.m., protesters surged against the White House fence. Someone climbed to the top of the barrier, and an object similar to a smoke bomb was thrown over the fence, a Secret Service spokesman said. Tension rose as police donned riot helmets. Protesters were told to leave, and it appeared that most if not all of them did. No arrests were reported.

Similar to a smoke bomb? What does that mean? If that’s how the Secret Service is describing the device that doesn’t mean the Post needs to accept that description without further explanation. And if that’s the Post’s term for the device, they’ve violated the rule of journalism to make events more clear, not less.

Still, the generally pro-protest coverage is not without entertainment value.

Deb Van Poolen, 42, an organic farmer who is living in the Occupy camp at Freedom Plaza, glowed as she described the guerrilla theater she and others pulled off in the office of Sen. Carl M. Levin (D), from her home state of Michigan. The costumed Occupiers staged a play with mock terrorists and a mock “Levin” behind bars before real police arrived and warned that they would be arrested.


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