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Covering Her Head. Next Her Mouth?

Do you remember Cynthia McKinney, the extremist ex-congresswoman from Georgia? Well, I learned a couple of things about her the other day. First, she is the presidential nominee of the Green party. Did you know that? I had no idea she was an environmentalist. But maybe she’s just a leftist? Also, she appeared on al-Jazeera — in head scarf. She explained, “I am wearing the headscarf as a way of showing my respect, my support, and my familiarity for the audience of al-Jazeera Arabic.”

Okay then. The invaluable MEMRI — the Middle East Media Research Institute — has the story here.

P.S. When David Horowitz and others first started writing about the strange alliance between the Western Left and radical Islam, in late 2001 and on into 2002, many people scoffed. Do you think there’s less scoffing now?

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