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CPAC 2009

This year’s Conservative Politcal Action Conference starts Thursday in Washington. I’ll be on a panel on “Legal Immigration: Defending the Constitution and Assimilation” on Saturday. (Nadler will be moderating a panel on “Building the Conservative Hispanic Coalition” on Thursday.) One thing that struck me is how little there will be on foreign policy. No doubt some keynote speakers will focus on it (John Bolton, for instance), but there seems to be just one panel on the topic, featuring two critics of an activist foreign policy (Doug Bandow and John Hostettler) and one advocate (Frank Gaffney). I’ll guess that the moderator is also not a fan of our efforts in the Middle East: Suhail Khan of Grover Norquist’s Islamic Free Market Institute (and board member of the American Conservative Union, whom Gaffney wrote about here). But the personalities aren’t really the point — I don’t know Bandow but both Gaffney and Hostettler are great guys and it sounds like it’ll be a good discussion. But how can a three-day conference on conservativism have only one session devoted to the entirety of foreign affairs?


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