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*Stands for Can’t Please Everybody. From a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

I am a regular NRO reader and NRODT subscriber who used to read your columns. I avoid them, as a general rule, as you have become the NR/NRO writer I’m least likely to read.

Your juvenile “F*** you” comment directed toward Osama bin Laden truly diminishes NRO’s reputation. I frequently refer friends and acquaintences to NRO, but attitudes like yours do little to promote the conservative cause. John Derbyshire gloated thoughtfully in his column this morning. Articles like his are worth consideration. Comments like “F*** you”–well…consider your own reaction to emails from losers who disagree with you, but are only able to muster “F*** you” to register their disagreement.

I’m happy that Bush won. I’m grateful that Kerry, for whatever reason (and you know that he has a political motive), has conceded. I wish that OBL would be caught and executed for his murderous actions. But, please, let’s promote conservatism intelligently. I seem to recall that NR used to have a slogan, “Reason over rhetoric.”

I’m certain that you’ll dismiss my letter (if you’ve even read this far) by claiming that we deserve a victory lap, or that conservative doesn’t have to mean stuffy, or some other defense. That’s fine. But, as a paying customer, I did want to take this opportunity to point out that I don’t care for that product line, and that it hinders my endorsement of NRO as a reliable source of information.


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