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Crapo: Read the Bill

From The Hill:

On the day of the Senate’s first vote on healthcare reform legislation, Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) used the GOP’s weekly address to urge people to read the 2,074-page bill before forming an opinion.

“Read the bill” has become a Republican rallying cry throughout the healthcare debate. Several GOP lawmakers have picked through previous versions of the bill, finding passages and provisions to which they object. House Republicans even set up a healthcare reading room before the lower chamber voted on its bill two weeks ago.

“You’re going to hear a lot about this bill. That’s why I encourage you to read the bill yourself and form your own opinion,” Crapo said. “Take a close look at how the bill is funded and who and what it covers and doesn’t cover and how it may impact you and your family. It’s a real eye-opener!”

Crapo also reiterated plenty of Republican objections to the healthcare bill before encouraging Americans to read it. He said that the bill will increase federal spending, drive up healthcare costs, cut Medicare benefits and engender an intrusive government intervention into people’s healthcare plans.

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