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The Crazy-a** Racist

Jonah, re your musings on JournoList, Marty Peretz the alleged “f***ing racist” and “crazy-a** racist”, and his lack of defenders:

Like you, I don’t know him and have never had any contact with him. I seem to recall him taking a swipe at me during the 2000 Florida recount, but that’s ancient history. And I agree with Lisa that he’s a Zionist rather than a racist, and that increasingly liberals seem to have adopted their own version of the old U.N. Zionism=racism thing, which is why he’s being targeted in the first place.

However, speaking as someone who gets called a racist by the left all the time, I’d always assumed, as when the mob take the tire iron to you in the back alley, that it’s all business, nothing personal: just what’s necessary to get the job done. It’s rather sad to find this is the way they talk in private, too. For what it’s worth, I don’t regard that Peretz quote as “beyond the pale,” but, if it is, why bother being a writer? I can’t see why anybody would want to enter a profession in which that passage exceeds the very narrow and strictly enforced bounds within which these subjects can be discussed.

The other bit that caught my eye was this:

It bothered me when folks where making totally unsubstantiated comments about [REDACTED!–mk]’s sex life, and it bothers me when folks make [REDACTED] jokes.  To be clear, I’m totally open to legitimate commentary on the substance of anyone’s argument, and people should get smacked down if they lie, if they get things wrong, etc.  I think analyzing Peretz’s writing about Mexicans, or Palestinians, or whoever, is totally fair game.  But saying that [REDACTED] clearly must not have a girlfriend, or speculating about who [REDACTED] gets turned down by sexually are not arguments.  We wouldn’t take similar statements remotely seriously if they were made by conservatives about anyone on this list.

“[REDACTED] clearly must not have a girlfriend”? Oh, my!

Again, whenever the ever reliable “all right-wing men are secretly gay“ charge raises its head – see how this thread quickly dissolves into the critical issue of whether it’s Glenn Beck or I who most enjoys wearing frilly panties (answer: It’s me; Glenn prefers a teddy) — I always assume that, too, is strictly business. It’s heartening to know that, in the echo chamber of the JournoList, they turn their lurid obsessions on their own.

By the way, I’ll pay, oh, a buck-seventy-three for any leaked thread from the JournoList hinting that Andrew Sullivan is secretly heterosexual.     

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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