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Creating Scarcity

One of the realities of living in the District of Columbia is dealing with the fact it relies on infuriating fees and fines to augment its outrageously high taxes (don’t get me started on the D.C. mortgage recordation tax — which you pay every time you refinance). When it comes to government services, the motto may as well be “We may be slow, but we’re expensive.” Traffic cameras are proliferating at an almost dystopian rate. Now the city government wants to take almost 11 percent of all parking spots and dedicate them solely to handicapped parking. I understand that for the truly handicapped, parking even a couple blocks from your destination can be a hardship. But I also understand that there sure seem to be a lot of people with handicapped tags in and around D.C. who seem to move quite spritely as they walk into supermarkets and shopping malls. More to the point, I don’t trust the District. It is part of their revenue model to make things like parking ever more scarce in order to gin up more tickets and encourage more Metro use (they emphasize the latter, naturally). It is the sort of thing that comes with living in a city with eternal one-party rule. 

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