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The Credibility Election?

John Boehner today:

Democrats here in Washington are developing a serious credibility gap.  You just think about this, they promised that the President’s health care plan would lower costs, lower the deficit, and the facts now say that not only will be have higher costs, but we’re going to have higher deficits.  They promised that their trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ plan was going to create jobs immediately, yet nearly four million Americans have lost their job since it was signed into law.  They said when they passed that bill that unemployment wouldn’t exceed eight percent and now we have unemployment at near 10 percent.

They promised in their financial services regulation bill that they’re going to end bailouts forever.  But the fact is, the bill institutionalizes ‘too big to fail’ and guarantees that we will have a permanent bailout for those ‘too big to fail.’  They promised a war on deficits and yet, they continue to spend money that we don’t have.  This year, 43 cents out of every dollar we’re going to have to borrow, and they’re just piling this debt on the backs of our kids and our grandkids.  I think it’s time for the Democrats here in Washington to begin to stand up and be honest with the American people.

Expect to hear that word a lot in the coming months.


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