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Credible and Incredible

Incredibles 2 (Disney/Pixar)

My Impromptus today begins, “As is well known, the Jews control the weather.” (The latest to make this point is an Iranian general. Earlier this year, it was a D.C. city-council member, who cited the Rothschild family in particular.) I chose the opening three words for the amusement of longtime National Review readers, and Buckley fans. Bill referred to “As is well known” as the Daily Worker’s “ritual introduction of a lie.” (The Daily Worker was a Communist newspaper in New York. It was succeeded by the Daily World, which also used “As is well known.”)

In addition to the weather — and those who control it for their own enrichment — I touch on Nazi candidates (in America), a Kremlin plot against Montenegro, foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago, the late Ed Schultz, and a good deal more. I end with The Incredibles, and its sequel, Incredibles 2.

Many, many conservatives loved The Incredibles, which came out in 2004. National Review took note of this. Many on the left despised it, as you could see in The Nation and elsewhere. The sequel, which came out last month, is pretty apolitical, I think. There was a line I loved, however, which some may construe as related to politics.

The super-daughter, Violet, makes a crack about Shakespeare and her teachers: They think that Shakespeare must be made “relevant” to the young (when the truth is, he is ever relevant, to everybody).

The glory of the movie, in my opinion, is a baby, who employs his superpowers in a prolonged tussle with a raccoon. Anyone who doubts that America is great already must see this.


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