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A Creeping Sickness Redux

Responding to my earlier post about the media’s embargo of Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial, a friend questions whether the blackout is somehow related to the fact that the majority of women who sought abortions from Gosnell were black (and presumably the majority of babies allegedly decapitated after being born alive were also black).

 To this, most may be prompted to repeat Hillary Clinton’s infamous response, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Scores of babies were allegedly slaughtered and women horribly brutalized. The race of the victims is, or should be, irrelevant. The most innocent of human beings are dead. Their skin pigmentation is the least important thing about them. 

Except to the elite media. In almost every other circumstance race is never irrelevant to the very same people who are maintaining complete radio silence on the Gosnell case. There’s a reason why the parody headline, “World Ends, Minorities and Women Hardest Hit” resonates. The elite media are rarely at a loss for highlighting racial disparities, whether real or imagined, in any story. But it’s hard to highlight racial disparities when you refuse to cover the story at all.

Also missing are the usual suspects who would rail against the responsible oversight authorities for their indifference to the plight of minorities. These usual suspects would normally ask — in this case perhaps justifiably — whether what allegedly happened in Gosnell’s clinic would be allowed to happen in a clinic largely patronized by whites. But again, as with the elite media, utter silence.

A hierarchy of priorities is thus revealed.


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