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The Crescent of Pistachio

It seems like only last week – because it was – that the usual Muslim interest groups were indignant over the outraged reaction of many Americans to the “Crescent of Embrace” – the memorial to the heroic victims of Flight 93 who were killed on 9/11 in the course of preventing their Islamo-fascist suicide hijackers from using the jet as a missile to attack a target in Washington. Critics had complained at the blatant and mind-bogglingly inappropriate Islamic symbolism of the design. But CAIR, for example, scoffed at the complaints, voiced by Rep. Tom Tancredo, among others, as “a cynical political ploy designed to gain national attention,” and urged President Bush and other Republican leaders to repudiate them.

Evidently a “cynical political ploy” is in the eye of the beholder. Now comes word, from The Sun in Britain, that ice cream is being pulled from the menu at Burger King. It seems that the lid on the packaging, which rather obviously is suggestive of, well, the familiar swirl of ice cream atop a cone, has some Muslims upset – because they perceive a resemblance to the Arabic word for “Allah,” which resemblance they deem highly offensive.

An intimidated Burger King is pulling the ice cream until the packaging is redesigned. Meanwhile, Inayat Bunglawala – the leader of the Muslim Council of Britain and a prominent member of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s task force to “tackle extremism,” praised the “sensitive and prompt action to prevent any hurt being caused to the religious sensibilities of others.” The religious sensibilities of others, if the others are not Muslims, have not historically been of much concern to Mr. Bunglawala.

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