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Crisis in Venezuela

Juan Guaidó, leader of the Venezuelan opposition (Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters)

All eyes, or many eyes, are on Venezuela, and one of the people I wanted to speak to was Otto Reich. I have done so, in a Q&A podcast, here. Otto is a Cuban American, whose (remarkable) story I have told from time to time, over the years. In the 1980s, under Reagan, he was our ambassador to Venezuela. In the 2000s, under Bush 43, he worked in the State Department and White House. He and I talk about the current crisis in Venezuela and how it developed — and where it might go. Many issues, some contentious, some clear-cut. Otto Reich is a voice of experience and reason, and he is also a champion of democratic values. Always has been. In the course of his work, he found himself in the same rooms as Somoza and Pinochet. He carried out his responsibilities — but avoided shaking the hand of either.

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