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Bill Kristol sounds an alarm.


A reader is not happy with me:

Kathryn, As a depositor in Wachovia, I must say that Bill Kristol 

sounding the alarm and you repeating it is quite irresponsible.  The 

implicit argument you are both making is that we have no effective 

government in the United States that will look out for our interests–

we are supposed to rely on rumors.  (Glad to know what you and BK 

really think about GWB)  You and Bill Kristol may be responsible for 

starting a run on Wachovia.

I reprint that because I also have this one:

we took 5k cash out of the bank this morning and hit the mattresses.  i’m in the southeast with long gas lines/shortages, food prices continually rising – have you checked the cost of toilet paper lately? if this trickle up/down/sideways continues – i’m ready for the short term at least.  but i don’t like the way this country feels right now – nothing i’ve ever experienced before in my 57 years.  say a prayer for our side – we are who we need right now – not them.


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