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Crist Accuses Scott of Daily Deaths in Fla. for Not Expanding Medicaid

Charlie Crist accused Republican governor Rick Scott of being responsible for the deaths of six Floridians every day because he hasn’t expanded Medicaid in the state. Citing the SEIU for the figure, the Republican-turned-Democrat stood by his charges even after host Chuck Todd questioned him on his “tough allegation.”

“That’s right,” he responded. “It’s not hard to figure that out — it’s common sense.”

“If people are sick and they aren’t getting health care, what happens? They usually get sicker or they die,” Crist continued. “That’s just the facts, Chuck.”

Crist previously served as Florida governor as a Republican before running for the Senate as an independent in 2010. During the 2012 election, he switched again — to a Democrat — to seek his old position.

UPDATE: The Scott campaign has responded to Crist’s “crazy and irresponsible” allegations, and wondered if Crist was trying to deflect new accusations by a former fundraiser that he traded judicial nominations for money:

“Charlie Crist is coming unglued. Is the heat from his association with convicted felon Scott Rothstein getting to Charlie Crist after it was revealed that he may have sold judges in exchange for political contributions? Comparing opposition to any policy to homicide is crazy and irresponsible.”


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