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As Crist and Meek Fight for Scraps, Rubio Pulls Ahead

The latest Fox News poll has Marco Rubio enjoying a 16-point lead over his nearest rival. Rubio has 43 percent of respondents, while Charlie Crist has 27 percent, and Kendrick Meek trails with 21.

Crist is splitting the Democratic vote with Meek, 39/46, while pulling just 13 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of independents. Rubio leads with 39 percent of independents.

Crucially, only 6 percent of respondents remain undecided, meaning that Crist has no chance to close the gap with Rubio even if every undecided voter breaks in his direction.

Also of interest — a large majority of 71 percent of respondents said their vote would be on the issues and not on their personal feelings toward candidates. Indeed, Crist’s approval split isn’t terrible at 41/43. So it appears that Rubio is winning as — gasp — a conservative.

One individual who is a factor in the race is President Obama. The president has a dismal 37/57 approval split in the state, and 51 percent of respondents said they’d use their votes to “Express opposition to Obama administration policies.”

The most important issues to Florida voters? What else — jobs, the economy, and government spending.

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