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Crist Asks Howard Dean for Money?

In the days leading up to his expected announcement of an independent bid for the Senate, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has been making fund-raising calls to long-time supporters, old friends, and. . . Howard Dean?

Among Crist’s soon-to-be supporters, Peelen said, is former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, who “promised to write Charlie a check.” Peelen said he and Dean spoke this week at the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting annual meeting in Washington, D.C.,

“Look, I love the Republican Party, and Charlie can be blamed for some of this falling out,” Peelen said. “But when you have all the leaders of your party telling you to go jump in a lake, I don’t think he had much choice.”

More here (behind a paywall).

UPDATE: Crist will not be getting a check from Dean.


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