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From Fox News in Orlando:

Dr. Rick Foglesong is the President of the faculty at Rollins College, one of our political analysts who has time and time again predicted a run by the governor as an Independent. And now, he says he has a source inside the Crist campaign staff.

Dr. Foglesong said, “A person I know in the Charlie Crist campaign has told me Charlie Crist would veto the merit pay bill, and he did. Further, he said he would announce tomorrow, that’s Friday, that he would run as an independent.”

Fox 35’s Tracy Jacim asked, “Where is this supposed to happen?” Dr. Foglesong said, “South Florida.” Jacim asks, “Miami?” Foglesong said, “Yes.” Jacim asks, “How reliable is this source?” Foglesong replied, “I trust the source.”

Fox 35 contacted the Crist campaign staff by email and phone. They would not confirm whether or not the Governor is switching parties. The only thing they would go on the record and say is, “Whatever this story is about him flying to Miami today to announce he is switching parties is completely inaccurate.”


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