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Crist Rebuffs Website Accusations

From, the latest Q and A between Crist and reporters:

Q: What did you make of the Tallahassee Democrat editorial urging you to run as an independent?

A: “It was a very nice editorial.”

Q: Did you remove any references to the Republican Party from your Web site, as alleged by Rep. Tom Grady and other Republicans who have withdrawn their support?

A: “No.”

Q: What’s your reaction to Grady’s repealed endorsement?

A: “So be it.”

Q: Has your relationship changed with the Legislature this session?

A: “The founders set it up pretty well with three branches of equal authority, and it’s appropriate form time to time to exercise that authority when you deem it appropriate.”

Q: Did legislators take you for granted?

A: “Maybe they did. Maybe they were surprised that I take the job of governor very, very seriously and when there’s a time to exercise the authority and trust the people put in you you need to do it. I’m going to keep doing it.”

Q: When will you make your decision about whether to run as an independent?

A: “By April 30.”


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