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On Crist

Ross Douthat agrees with Rich:

No doubt there will be some talk, in the wake of Charlie Crist’s completely unsurprising decision to run for Florida’s Senate seat as an independent, about how this shows that the intolerant Tea Party spirit is driving moderates out of the Republican Party. As I’ve argued before, this is exactly the wrong way to look at the case of Charlie Crist. The Florida governor may be a moderate in some sense, but his real loyalties are to cynicism, self-interest (though this time, I’m pretty sure that he’s misjudged where those interests lie), and the persistent pursuit of the budgetary free lunch.  At a time when the country desperately needs politicians who are equipped to make tough choices, Crist’s record suggests that he’s the last person that anyone — conservative or liberal — should want to see in a position of responsibility in Washington D.C.

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