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Crist’s Problems Ain’t Just with Republicans

Charlie Crist has seen his support among Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike tank over the last year:

Comparing Quinnipiac’s April 2009 poll to its poll this month Crist’s approval rating has dropped 19 points with Republicans, from 68% to 49%. But it’s also dropped by 18 points with independents from 68% to 50% and by 14 points with Democrats from 66% to 52%.

Right now Crist gets 30% of the Republican vote and 27% of the Democratic vote if he runs as an independent. But it’s important to keep in mind that 61% of Democrats don’t know enough about Kendrick Meek to have formed an opinion of him yet- are Democrats who like Crist and don’t know Meek today still going to vote for Crist this fall once they know Meek? Given the downward trend in his poll numbers among Democrats it seems like he would lose a lot of that support


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