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By Crom!

I’ve got an article on Conan and Robert E. Howard in today’s WSJ. One of the joys of writing on this topic is that my “research” afforded me the chance to read a bunch of stories that I had barely looked at since I was a kid. I’ve also gotten to meet a group of dedicated Howard fans who are overseeing a revival movement. The brand-new Robert E. Howard Foundation, led by Rusty Burke, Paul Herman, and others, has big plans to publish and promote Howard. A blog called The Cimmerian is so dedicated to all things Howard that it had posted a generous item about my article before I even saw it myself this morning; its impresario, Leo Grin, also happens to be an NRO reader. (Thanks Leo!) Another one of my sources, Don Herron, has good material on his website; he also gives walking tours of Dashiell Hammett sites in San Francisco.

Finally, although I don’t say much about it in the piece, I’ve rediscovered the world of Conan comics–and highly recommend a new series, published by Dark Horse Comics, based on the original tales. The first is called The Frost Giant’s Daughter and Other Stories. Dark Horse is also republishing, in book form, all of the old Conan comics from Marvel–these frankly aren’t as good as the newer material, but for me they hold nostalgic value.

Finally, there’s, which showcases tons of products — books, movies, games, etc.

Closing thought: “I’ll split your skull like a ripe melon!” — Conan, waxing philosophical in “The People of the Black Circle.”

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