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Cross-Dressing Day at Elementary School Crosses Parents

A themed dress day at a Milwaukee elementary school has some parents hot under the collar. Last week’s “Gender Bender Day” at Tippecanoe School for the Arts and Humanities asked students to dress as a member of the opposite sex.

“I think it’s just teaching them the wrong lesson about gender,” one parent told local Fox affiliate WITI. “If you’re a boy, stay a boy. You shouldn’t have something like that at school.”

Another parent said she was “speechless” about the school’s decision day. She, like some other parents, ended up keeping her son home from school that day.

A school-board member dismissed parents’ concerns, saying they were “using the kids for political purposes.” In an effort to appease upset parents, the school changed the name to “Switch It Up Day.”

In fact, WITI couldn’t find many students participating in the themed day when it finally came last Friday; it appears to be mostly teachers and other staffers.


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