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Crowley to Axe: Hey, Uh, Isn’t Your Closing Argument Supposed to Be Positive?

Candy Crowley obviously hasn’t perused the newly released pamphlet containing the president’s second-term agenda, because on CNN’s State of the Union, she asked David Axelrod why the Obama campaign’s closing oeuvre is so negative: “Is your closing argument to continue to pound Governor Romney?”

Axelrod’s riposte: We can’t return to the failed policies of the past. 

Crowley stopped him mid-sentence: “I ask you this because, in general, closing statements, as you know, tend to turn back to the positive side, and there’s an argument that a candidate still pounding his adversary at this point is worried.”

Axelrod’s riposte: Romney is pounding us, too. Oh, and we can’t “go backward to the policies that put us in this mess in the first place.” Forward! 


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