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Cruisemas Present

If you’ve ever contemplated going on one of our trips read the blogs and blogs and blogs from happy NR cruisers who were on our post-election shindig. If you’re one of those who believe we run Potemkin cruises, get off the grassy knoll. NR cruises really happen. The speakers really show up. The panel sessions really happen. The discussions are really scintillating. The cocktail parties really happen. As do the smokers. The speakers show up at them – and schmooze and schmoke with our travelers. A fun time is had by all. Really. Is it any wonder that the typical person on an NR cruise has been on 4 or 5 already? We must be doing something right if they keep coming back. Well, all this is a prelude to suggesting that you sign up for our next trip to the British Isles in July, 2005 (along with WFB, Bob Bork, Peggy Noonan, Larry Kudlow, Paul Johnson, Rich Lowry, Kate O’Beirne, David Pryce-Jones, Jay Nordlinger, et al), and that if you need some sort of rationale/excuse/premise for making a reservation, why not do it in the guise of a Christmas present to your spouse, your kid, or yourself? Now go to and book that boniest of voyages!


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