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Cruising to November

It´s the last full day of the NR Portugal/Spain voyage on the glorious Douro River. Good will and cameraderie abound, as has been the case all this week, and last too (obrigado Jay for your super Impromptus reports). As it will be in November on the NR 2010 Post-Election Cruise, which has a mega line-up of megastar speakers. Such as . . . Andrew Breitbart. And . . . Karl Rove. Plus . . . Michael Novak, Phyllis Schlafly, Vin Weber, Greg Gutfeld, VDH, Bernard Lewis, the Goldbergs (Jonah and Bernie), and too many more to mention. We are now approaching 200 booked cabins — maybe the next one to be reserved is the one you wanted. You know the old saying: you snooze, no cruise. So act now to get your cabin (before someone else does). You will find complete information about this wonderful and affordable trip, and may register safely and securely, at


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