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Crunchy Cons in Dc Area?

Attention crunchy-cons in Virginia (and Maryland): I am considering the feasibility of relocating to the DC area to work on my crunchy-conservative book. There are lots of homeschooling/traditional farming types in your neck of the woods, and I’d like to get to know you and write about you, and those like you in the region. I’d need to be reasonably close (one hour or so by car, or with car + metro) to Washington to attend to my NR duties (that is, so I can get into the city when I need to, not a daily commute). I’m wondering if there are any good little towns in the area where I could rent a house as a base, and my wife and three-year-old son would have things to do and people to see while I work. N.B., a good Catholic parish nearby is important to us. Please send your ideas and suggestions.

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