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Cruz Asks for Independent Investigator into IRS Scandal

Ted Cruz pressed Attorney General Eric Holder on the status of the investigation into the IRS’s targeting of tea-party and conservative groups. Nine months after it was begun, no one has been indicted, and it the investigation is being headed up by an Obama donor.

Investigations tend to take a long time, Holder explained, especially one of such a complicated nature. As for the head lawyer’s political allegiances, Holder said he was unaware of them.

Cruz repeatedly mentioned examples of the lack of progress, for example that “many if not all” of the targeted groups or individuals, including donors to Mitt Romney, have not been interviewed 280 days later. Holder refrained from discussing ”what steps have been taken in connection with that investigation.”

Ultimately, Cruz said the Department of Justice had been “severely compromised” under the current circumstances, and asked Holder to appoint a special prosecutor with a “meaningful degree of independence.”

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