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Cruz-Autographed Copy of Green Eggs and Ham Sells for $1,000

Beaumont, Tx. — Ted Cruz seems like a good person to know. He brought in nearly $3,000 for a county party last night just by signing a few books. The senator spoke at the Bexar County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner in San Antonio, Texas, last night and afterward signed four copies of Green Eggs and Ham, which Bexar GOP chairman Robert Stovall auctioned off. The crowd — of a little more than 500 people — was thrilled by the gesture, and the first copy sold for $1,000. All total, the four books brought in $2,800 for the county party. And a signed, framed picture of the senator sold for a few hundred more.

Green Eggs and Ham featured prominently in the senator’s “Cruzibuster.” During the speech, he read the book to his young daughters who watched over C-SPAN. A picture of the pajama-clad girls watching the reading went viral. 

Cruz keynoted last night’s event, which is an important fundraiser for the party and a chance for primary candidates to mingle with donors, politicos, and activists. Attendees included Texas speaker of the house Joe Straus, state senator and candidate for lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, and Representative Lamar Smith. 


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