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Cruz Campaign Names Congressional District Coordinators in 24 States

Ted Cruz has named congressional district coordinators in all 24 states with a caucus or a primary taking place on March 15 or before, according to campaign sources. That’s a total of 163 congressional district coordinators, who will accompany the campaign’s 171 county chairs, one in each county in the first four early-voting states: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. 

Though initially underestimated, the Texas senator has surprised many by raising an impressive amount of both hard and soft money. Though his cluster of super PACs, flush with over $30 million, have puzzled many with their failure to purchase virtually any television ad time in the early states yet, the Cruz campaign has used its money to build out an impressive campaign infrastructure in the early primary states, putting particular emphasis on the Southern states that head so the polls in March in the so-called SEC primary. 

The goal is to run a truly national primary campaign, which is an option only available to a handful of candidates. As Cruz told Politico last month, “For the candidates who have not been able to raise any money yet, it is simply not feasible for them to run a national campaign, and so they’re not.” 


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