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Cruz: Dewhurst Engaging in ‘False Character Attacks’

As I previously reported, the Dewhurst campaign is using Ted Cruz’s work as an attorney for Robert Mericle — who was involved in a juvenile prison scandal — to attack him. In an interview on the Mark Davis show today, Cruz accused Dewhurst’s campaign of engaging in “false character attacks.”


“With China, he spent over $13 million dollars in false character attacks,” Cruz said of Dewhurst, “and now he’s launched a brand new one where he’s again attacking my character and again it’s fundamentally false. He’s trying to tie me to this Pennsylvania prison scandal.”

“I had absolutely nothing to do with the criminal proceedings in this case,” Cruz continued. “I represented a real estate developer in commercial litigation against an insurance company. That was the sum total of my involvement. And what he’s trying to do is just roll everyone together and he’s trying to distract people. It’s the same thing he tried to do on China. It’s the same thing he’s been trying to do on amnesty.”

“All of the poll numbers show he’s losing and his numbers keep going down and so he’s desperately trying to distract voters from his record and my record with these false character attacks,” he said.

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