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Cruz-Fiorina Taking Shape Today?

For what it’s worth, some reporters are hearing that Ted Cruz’s big 4 p.m. announcement is indeed that he intends to pick Carly Fiorina as his running mate if nominated.

Of course, that “if nominated” point is an important one. Trump will undoubtedly laugh and scoff that this is a desperation move, something Cruz needed to do to avert the sense of inevitability that follows Trump’s big wins in New York and yesterday’s five states. And the Trump team will preview the kind of attacks the Democrats would make if Fiorina is on the ticket:

Announcing Fiorina today would be a big gamble for Cruz. There’s a lot to like about Fiorina, but will this announcement help lock up Indiana and give Cruz a slew of delegates in places like California? If Fiorina is today’s big news, we may look back on this as a key moment where Cruz united the anti-Trump factions of the party… or we may look back on this as a Hail Mary pass.

UPDATE: For what it’s worth, Fiorina’s in Indianapolis today, where Cruz is expected to make his big announcement. But she’s been a surrogate on the trail for Cruz for a while.


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