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Krauthammer’s Take: Cruz–Kasich Deal Is ‘Extremely Late’

Charles Krauthammer discussed the 2016 Republican primary and Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s plan to jointly stop Donald Trump, Monday on Fox’s Special Report.

They joined forces too late, Krauthammer said. “Had they worked this out a month or two ago,” their plan might have worked better, “but we’re really at a point where this is the endgame,” he explained.

Nevertheless, Krauthammer doesn’t think their plan is worthless; it “is a last attempt to try to stop the momentum. It means something.”

“If [Trump gets] the five-state sweep on Tuesday, you’ve got a candidate on the roll coming into Cleveland, ” Krauthammer said. “Trump could be 50 [delegates] away, maybe even 100 away, and there will be a sense that the people want him, you got to go with the people, and that’s what the momentum will mean.”

Krauthammer said their alliance could work if it helps to curb that momentum and allows Cruz to stop Trump in Indiana. “If you stop him in one place, or if you do in California, then I think you can have a fight on the floor that looks like it’s a legitimate fight,” he said.

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