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Is the Cruz–Kasich Non-Aggression Pact Too Late?

In response to More Cheney

Rich, a lot of #NeverTrump folks seem pleased with the belated Cruz–​Kasich non-aggression-pact — it’s overstating to call it an “alliance.” But there’s also a palpable sense of “what took so long?”

In light of what we know now, did Cruz really need to make a push for New York? Did Kasich really need to make a push in Wisconsin, Utah, or Arizona? Can either of them do themselves any favors with the time, money, and effort spent in those states?

Secondly, the nonaggression pact helps both of these guys, but it doesn’t give them automatic wins:

The good news for Cruz is that aside from New York, Trump usually finishes around his final average in the polls — in other words, he doesn’t do particularly well among late deciders. So Cruz has a shot in a two-man race against Trump, but it’s not a sure thing.

Finally, Kasich is already giving something of a mixed message — he’s not going to campaign in Indiana, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his fans there voting for him:


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