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Cruz Super PAC Warns of ‘TrumpCare’ in New Ad

A super PAC supporting Ted Cruz is airing a new TV ad in Iowa that goes for the policy jugular against Donald Trump, equating his past statements on universal health care to positions held by President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The ad, created by Keep the Promise I and shared first with NRO, warns of yet another big-government health care program: “TrumpCare.”

“First there was HillaryCare. … Then there was ObamaCare,” the narrator says, knitting together video footage of both Democrats arguing for “universal health care.”

Then a still-shot of Trump appears, and the narrator intones: “We can’t afford TrumpCare.” The ad splices together portions of Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview from September with Scott Pelley, in which Trump tells the CBS anchor, “Everybody has to be covered. This is an un-Republican thing for me to say.” When Pelley presses him — “Universal healthcare?” — Trump responds, “I am going to take care of everybody.”

“Who pays for it?” Pelley asks. “The government’s gonna pay for it,” Trump replies.

The ad continues an anti-Trump onslaught by Cruz and his affiliated network of super PACs. Keep the Promise I released a separate ad Monday highlighting Trump’s past support for partial-birth abortion, declaring the real-estate mogul is “not a conservative.”

A super PAC official said the “TrumpCare” ad is part of its recently-announced $2.5 million buy in Iowa and South Carolina. The 30-second spot will air through the Iowa caucuses next Monday, and then begin running in South Carolina.

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