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I was in Miami on Friday speaking at the Heritage Foundation’s annual Resource Bank conference (where the National Review Institute sponsored an evening event the night before). While there, I caught their luncheon speaker, Ted Cruz, the former solicitor general of Texas.

Ted’s always been good, but the man is on fire on stage these days. He looks at the tea parties and sees something good: an awakened realization that “America has been the hope and change for the world for 200 years.” And because the stakes are so high – whether or not America will continue to be – he warns Republicans not to blow it.

In talking about the current president, Cruz says: “Barack Obama is a very, very different president than Bill Clinton was.” Obama, Cruz said, “is committed to transforming [America] into a European socialist nation.”

“I think he sleeps well at night,” Cruz said of Obama. Because he knows what he believes and he is governing true to his ideology.  He got to the White House, of course, despite that.

“Republicans win when we effectively articulate what it is we believe. Democrats win when they obfuscate what they believe.” And with respect, but by name, Cruz said that we do not effectively communicate “a lesson of freedom” when we nominate a Bob Dole or a John McCain, despite all the two men have done for freedom.

Ted Cruz has a great story to tell — as we’ve highlighted (see here and here). And he happens to be great at telling it.

I’m not doing Cruz justice. Keep an eye out.


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