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Cuba to Downsize Government, Expand Private Sector

The leaders of Cuba are about to embark on a program of reform, government downsizing, and privatization of some industries and services. How do I know? Because I’m such a faithful reader of the Marxist media. According to the online organ of the Party of Socialism and Liberation, the Cuban reform plan doesn’t signify a failure of socialism. It is merely a reaction to American perfidy:

The single biggest and most enduring problem for Cuba, however, is the unceasing war waged against the heroic island nation by the most powerful Empire in history. So, what can we do here? It is by intensifying the revolutionary struggle of the working and poor people in the United States against the Empire that we can render the greatest service to our inspiring and steadfast counterparts in the land of Marti.

Regarding Cuba’s past, limited expansions of private farming and enterprise, you’ll have to read the PSL’s rationalizations in order to believe them. And as for the future, somehow I doubt the pathetic kleptocracy running the island will do anything to endanger its own power — or its subsidies from Hugo Chávez.


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