The Corner

Cultural Cluelessness

In People we also learn–which we knew from the Times the other day–that the Deans don’t have cable. A little odd when you’re in politics–CSPAN does come in handy from time to time–but whatever. What bothers me: George W. Bush was ridiculed for being out of it when he didnt know what Sex in the City was (really, information the president doesn’t need to know), but one wonders if Howard Dean will get the same treatment–the last sitcom he remembers watching is All In The Family. He couldn’t pretend to know The Bachelorette or Queer Eye. Again, fine. Maybe even good. But, as has been said before in these parts, Dean seems to be much of what Bush was supposedly in 2000: prone to gaffes, a little clueless–and, of course, much worse than that.