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A Cultural Divide

I’m still digging out from under an avalanche of email. Everything from the rabid anti-Semitic to thoughtful support. But the biggest divide is between those who say I’m flat-out nuts and those who say “that’s exactly what I was thinking.” I’m getting a lot more of the latter than the former but, still, I find it interesting that so many people could say, “absolutely! My thoughts exactly” while another group of people cannot even conceive that I really think this way let alone anybody else.

For example, this came from a philosophy professor on the West Cost:

Absolute best thing I’ve read on the war! Everyone I know (who isn’t ill-informed or otherwise ignorant) thinks that the main reason we needed to take down Iraq is exactly as you say. But none of the commentators seemed willing (as they used to say) to call a spade a spade. The justification for the war is too masculine for polite company or something. In any event, beautiful job and thanks, reading it was actually catharctic.

And this (subject: “YEEEEEOOOOOOWWW!!!!!”) is from, well, someone else:

are you crazy? your column doesn’t even make any sense. too much caffeine?

I think you are suffering delusions of grandeur. I hope you never run for office because someone will pull this column out and say “look – the fellow is quite mad!”

Here is my theory–

you neoclowns sense that the jig is just about up. so why not go out with a

ker-plunk – right?


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